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Category: Review

Video review of Saramonic Smartrig+

THE SARAMONIC SMARTRIG+ GIVES YOU GREAT AUDIO INTERNALLY IN YOUR DSLR/MIRRORLESS. BUT IT LACKS A BATTERY INDICATOR, AND HAS A STRANGE SMARTPHONE MODE WITH FLAWS. I first heard about the Saramonic Smartrig+ on I decided to try it out, but I didn't have high hopes as it records the sound internally in the DSLR. Usually external recorders like the Zoom H4N is needed to get the greatest audio quality. But when I tried the Saraminic Smartrig+ I was really impressed. This little bad boy lets me record with a XLR mic internally in my Canon 1DX II. And the audio quality actually matches my…

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Review of Canon 1D X II

AS A FILMMAKER, NO CAMERA HAS THRILLED ME MORE THAN THE CANON 1D X II. PERIOD. The Canon 1D X II is a very expensive camera. But if you work as a full time filmmaker the cost can be quite worth it for many reasons. I have owned a Canon XH-A1, Canon 7D and a Canon C100, but the 1D X II image quality beats them all. So if you love Canon cameras, like I do, there is no more time to lose. IMAGE QUALITY The main…

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